giovedì 17 settembre 2009

Petizione al Presidente degli Stati Uniti

Illustrious President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama,

This is to humbly ask for clarification about the following serious problem:

Daily aircraft unmarked with identification marks flying over our skies, and then, presumably, hostile aircraft. And it is demonstrated that these unidentified aircraft are emitting substances that cover the sky and fall to the ground through the rain, humidity and wind to the land, putting in danger the health of Italian citizens. Traces of barium, aluminum and other harmful substances are detected in the vicinity of the trails were caused by these planes. Therefore, we conclude that the Italian state has, for several years now, under enemy attack and then in the midst of war Biochemistry. The Italian State has so far allowed this to happen, and without interfering allowed the health of its citizens were being seriously threatened by these chemicals emitted by these aircraft. The Italian government has not given satisfactory answers, and in parliamentary questions suggested by several deputies and senators were preferred to ignore the many photographic and filmed evidence of nationals where he showed the difference between airliners and normal contrails formed by these and chemtrails. - Given that we're working hard in gathering additional documentation in time we're going to attach to this petition (and will be included as attachments) showing the comparisons between the agents most likely used by aircraft (Barium - naturally present in small amounts and abnormal values demonstrate a spreading "artificial" - salts of aluminum and quartz in particular) at the incidence of some diseases they cause: Alzheimer's disease, Morgellone's disease, dementia, allergies, respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting, joint pains, headaches as well as entire areas voluntarily rendered arid and sterile; - given that these tests will also be compared with analysis of soil samples, water, wine and powder that came in from all over Italy always analyzed to detect the presence of barium, aluminum and quartz in excess of the permitted standard by law, Whereas: The content of these chemtrails is highly detrimental to the health of citizens onsidering that the air traffic of a state civil and military must be controlled and made known to the public - given that the On. Di Pietro said in an interview that the aerosol operations question of military operations is not controlled by the Italian - the impact of the diseases mentioned above, especially in areas taken more targeted by air - considering that these aerosol operations take place in all countries subject to 'UN - the countless testimonies, photographic and video detectable online on Web sites around the world - the possible goodness of these transactions for the benefit of citizens - the report A4-0005/99 of 14 January 1999 on the environment, safety and foreign policy (DOC_EN \ RR \ 370 \ 370003rd - PE 227.710/def.) where he mentions several times the dangers of HAARP and electromagnetic weapons on human health and the environment - or the U.S. Patent Eastlund (US-Patent No, 4,686,605, 11 August 1987) filed with the patent office in California about climate change in particular areas of land where on page 19, second column, you stated that system improvements can be spread thick clouds barium in the magnetosphere. Illustrious Mr. President, in accordance with Articles 11, 24, 32, 50, 52 of the Italian Constitution, we ask

  • The cessation of all flights indicted
  • A greater number of controls on air traffic
  • Greater knowledge about the chemtrails
  • The intervention of local and national media, notably the public as a tax-financed public
  • Free access to the knowledge of the substances released during the above operations
  • Surveys in several installations NATO / US spread on Italian territory, especially in airfields / airports: 1) military base of Aviano (PN) 2) military airfield Istrana (TV) 3) military airport of Pisa (Pi) 4) base of Mount San Damiano (PC) 5) Air Base Montichiari (Bs) 6) Air Base Cameri (NO) 7) Airport Decimomannu (Ca) 8) airport of Elmas (Ca) 9) military airport of Rome Ciampino ( Rm) 10) Naples Capodichino Airport (Naples) 11) Palermo Punta Raisi Airport (Pa) 12) based in Trapani (TP) and in particular the U.S. air base of support in which it is determined that circulate air logistic support for Tankers operations in Iraq: 13) Gioia del Colle (Ba) --
  • A clear response from both the Italian government and the European Parliament

Trusting in his courteous reply, I extend the most respectful greetings

Alberto Roggia
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  2. Dopo aver letto l'accorato appello al Presidente Obama, mi chiedo come la tua morosa abbia potuto diplomarsi "nonostante lo straccismo della professoressa di tedesco" con il fantasmagorico punteggio di 36/60.

    Forse quello di inglese era un maschietto?

  3. facile criticare solo, eh?

  4. No, è proprio che quell'inglese fa sganasciare dalle risate.